Valentines means love and hearts!


It’s going to be valentines this coming friday.. unfortunately for me.. i would have to work .. and i am pretty sure i am going to be tired by the time my 10 hours shift is over.. therefore.. all my heart meals that i was inspired by on pinterest is coming out today.. 🙂

First of all.. breakfast!

Pancakes.. heart shaped

Bacon.. heart shaped

Strawberries.. heart shaped

Bananas.. heart shaped

and a yummy cup of hot green tea!

hehe.. i even sent D to work with a heart shaped PB&J

Then dinner 🙂

I decided to make mushroom ravioli.. haha.. what a project that was!

first i had to make the dough, which i didnt think require that much kneading and rolling and rolling.. and more rolling.. and then filling the ravioli was a pain.. making them stick.. thin.. and heart shaped

And 3 hours later..

i have about 14 ravioli hahaha..

they really were good dont get me wrong..

but man they were so much work for so little food!

And i didnt even take a picture of it.. i was tired by that point of ravioli..

and they probably werent that photogenic anyway 🙂

recipe :

And with dinner.. i wanted to make dessert.

so strawberry shortcake cupcake sounded fabulous!

I found these really cute cupcake liners at target.. totally matched my valentines theme

imageI am so proud of my little cupcake 🙂

The cupcakes turned out awesome! the buttercream recipe was absolutely amazing.. i used puree strawberry instead of freeze dried strawberry and its so bomb!

will be making that again 🙂


aww.. that was a good day 🙂

time to watch tv for a little bit more and go to bed..

so i can be alllll ready for a whole long two weeks!

GO shan GO!


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