Inspire to be better

Ever since i came to work at BG, i have been motivated,

I dont know if it’s because of the work i can do now and i can see how that affect other people lives, or the fact that this hospital, being a oncology based hospital, makes me realized so much more.

This would have been the hospital we toke my mom to if we knew she had a chance still, everyday that i work here, i realized i really am trying my hardest to make a different into all the patients lives.

Not only giving the patients hope, but always giving their family hope.

I was talking to one of the pharmacy student that was doing her rotation at work today, pretty much asked her how she got into pharm school, how to stay motivated, how to stay focus.

That got me so motivated to want to do better, to want something better for myself in the future.

Dont be afraid of changes, dont just limit yourself to AZ,

I know its a long journey, and along that journey, you are going to have to work very hard,

maybe you will even be rejected a lot.

But know that if you keep trying your best,

and trying your best,

and trying your best,

giving it your all,

one day,

you will get it.

Dont be always looking back on yourself and bring yourself down saying you cant.

I know you can, you just gotta try.

And in the end, at least you can say to yourself,

I did my best.

So for right now, I know I need to focus on school, there be will lots to sacrifices I know, but i know it will be worth it in the end. 🙂


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